Our Staff

Jared K. Henry

Lead Pastor

Pastor Jared K Henry has been the Lead Pastor at Lafayette Church of the Nazarene since March of 2010. Pastor Jared was born-again at 8 years of age and sanctified wholly at a camp-meeting when he was 18 years old right after graduating from High School.

After answering a call to full-time pastoral ministry he went to college and worked on a degree in Bible & Theology. He married Sarah in May of 2002 and then graduated from Bible college in December of 2002. Pastor Jared and Sarah have two children (Jacob & Hannah) and serve the Lord together in ministry. Pastor Jared’s responsibilities include leading the church and preaching the Word of God.

Bill Castillo

Executive Pastor

Pastor Bill Castillo has been on staff at the Lafayette Church of the Nazarene since September 2015. Pastor Bill was born-again at age 12 during youth camp and wholly sanctified in 1993. After serving in the military, Pastor Bill is following the Lord’s call to full-time ministry and is currently working toward completion of a Masters of Divinity.

Bill and Carol met in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and were married in 1989. They served the Lord in ministry and in the military together for 20 years. They have two boys: Chad, born in Landstuhl, Germany, and Drew, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chad is currently attending college and Drew is enjoying home school with his mom.

Kiza Mukandama

Pastor, Life Bridge International Church of the Nazarene

Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pastor Kiza now serves as the pastor of Life Bridge International Church of the Nazarene. He and his wife Malenga came to the United States originally as refugees and now work to assist others in transitioning to life here in Kentucky. Along with his wife and family of 5 children (4 boys and 1 girl), Pastor Kiza shares a deep calling to reach the community of immigrants living in and around the city of Lexington.

At a very young age, Pastor Kiza accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior and became a Christian. Later he was entirely sanctified and in 2008 God called him into pastoral ministry. Kiza has great passion to preach the Gospel. His every day desire is to maintain a pure heart toward God and toward people. His oldest son is a student in Bible College preparing for pastoral ministry as well.

Hudson Ensz

Youth Pastor

Elizabeth Springgate

Childrens Ministry Director

Jordan & Savannah Vice

Young Adult Ministry Directors